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Thursday, 25 January 2018 05:00

January Feature: Active8me Featured

Written by Minsoo Go
Fay Hokulani on set in Bali Fay Hokulani on set in Bali Courtesy of Active8me

Hey Guys! I get a lot of questions sent through to my Podcast, website, and Facebook asking about what the best app or best tech is to use for fitness. Of course, I believe in balance, and finding what works best for you. So, there is no one absolute best, but there are so many different awesome options. I’d like to share one of them with you.

As you may know, I was in Las Vegas at the beginning of the month, presenting Virtual Mate at the CES 2018 Consumer Technology Association trade show. I talked to a lot of people in tech, and saw just where we’ll be headed this year and beyond that with technology. The awesome part is how it will help you stay active and be happy in the future.

Being able to demonstrate and make you aware of options available to you is what I like to do. I have my way of creating a Better You, but fitness is a community, and there are platforms and apps out there that stand out to me. Team Minsoo recently had an opportunity to take a look at a new app in the market, and its founder, Jeremy Rolleston. They were even nice enough to feature me on their site to talk about The Go Standard and my mission in South Korea to change the beauty standards for women and help them improve their mind-body connections. Active8me has a lot of resources through their blogs too. I encourage you to check them out as another very reliable source for fitness, mindset, and nutrition.

active8me Jeremy works with Fay
Courtesy of active8me

Active8me would agree, fitness is about more than trying to look “beautiful” or harm yourself in some way just to look like a runway supermodel. Active8me’s expert team is headed by Olympian and World Champion, Jeremy Rolleston. His vision to help you “Exercise. Nourish. Think. Transform.” drives the program and your success in creating a total mind-body connection to an active lifestyle. Jeremy’s really put a lot of energy, time, heart, and soul into creating a one-of-a-kind program that is easy to use, progressive, and keeps you right on track.

active8me on set in Balie
Courtesy of active8me


So, What Does Active8me Do?

Well, you can check out their website to get all the details, but here’s what Team Minsoo found taking a sneak-peak at the features, benefits and layouts of the Active8me app:

- It’s all laid out for you. No tough navigation at all. You have everything you need in a scrolling list that you can filter: Nutrition, Mindset, and Workouts. Each week you’ll get a new week ‘unlocked’.

- Reminders, reminders, reminders! You may get too many of them if you aren’t focused on the program! This app will tell you what you missed and keep you on target for every function. You do not have to guess at what comes next – if you forget or if you aren’t on the straight and narrow, you’ll know because the reminders will add up in a hurry.

- Options. Life is full of choices, and this app makes sure to include that. You can choose different ways to complete each workout, which is awesome. All you need to do is stick to the plan, but if you are working out at home or at the gym, it has all of that build right in.

- Points. There have been many articles about “gamifying” fitness, so you’ll see some of this too. I saw this getting included in a lot of programs last week at CES 2018. With the Active8me app, the more you interact with the app (complete the healthy meals, workouts, and complete the tests, worksheets, and watch the mindset videos), the more points you get! So, it can get a little competitive if you want to, and share your score people in your community. If you know people using the app, you can keep each other accountable by comparing points. By the way – you get a lot of points for eating clean (hint, hint – diet is 80% of fitness)!

- Community. You will be in contact with many others in the program. There are several different ways to stay in contact including a large Facebook community. It all ties together – so it isn’t just the app working in isolation – it’s the whole Active8me community! Social ties right into the app and seamlessly.

- Results. If you follow the program, you are going to see change. Stronger, better connected with yourself, and you may even notice quite a few physical changes too (depending on where you are in your fitness journey).

taking a break between shoots in Bali
Courtesy of active8me

What Doesn’t It Do?

- It isn’t going to sell you supplements. That’s something I see too often with so many programs, and I’m happy to say there is no mention of it. Yes, you can have an active and healthy life without energy drinks and protein powders. The meals are clean, healthy, simple, and familiar for me seeing some traditional Asian dishes included.

- There’s no month-to-month calendar. Once you’re done with the day, you can’t go back. You are always moving forward with it. You also can't rush ahead as you can with many programs and look at workouts that are months out. You focus on the day and see the week ahead. It's all about focus - one workout at a time.

- It’s not an out-of-the box, one-time purchase. It’s ongoing, and I like that. It progresses with you. It’s not just '3 months and done' like so many programs are.

- Confuse you. There’s nothing super-complicated about the workouts or the exercises. Everything has videos and is well explained. It is “figure-out-able” fitness.

It’s just getting started and still evolving. There’s a lot more being developed with Active8me. Overall, Active8me is an app you can use to make fitness a priority in your life and change your mind about fitness.

You can find Active8me, along with many of the team members that are involved in the program through Instagram:@active8me

Jeremy Rolleston @jeremyrolleston

Fay Hokulani @fayhokulani Much love for Fay! You can finder her at her website as well! 

Ben St. Lawrence @benny_saintgram

Nikki Torres @nkitorres The most real #fitgirl out there, find her at her website too.

The active8me team in Bali
Courtesy of active8me

Thank you so much to Active8me for the opportunity to check out their app and see how it works! Love what you’re doing, and absolutely on the same page with you having a Go Standard mindset. Two thumbs up and it’s very exciting to find communities of like-minded individuals out there to champion the cause to get just a little better today than you were yesterday.

Stay Active and Be Happy!

By Minsoo Go

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