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Hey Guys! I've been meaning to share this with you in a blog, and I'm sure you've heard me tell you about it before. I have 10 phrases that make up my Go Standard philosophy. This is what I've developed to keep me on the right path in fitness and with so many other things. So this week, we're talking about my ten most important ideas to include on your fitness journey.

Hey Guys! Does it seem like fitness is all about the booty? And if it isn’t your booty that everyone online and anywhere else is talking about it’s getting perfect looking abs. That’s about it. It all start’s in the kitchen. It only takes a few minutes a day. It’s SUPER EASY, right? Well, we know that’s not totally true.

One of the effects of fitness is body confidence. You’re getting in better shape and you notice that in the mirror. You push yourself and challenge yourself and you begin to believe in your progress. It begins there. As it turns out, how we look at ourselves and build our confidence is a very real struggle.

Hey Guys! I get a lot of questions sent through to my Podcast, website, and Facebook asking about what the best app or best tech is to use for fitness. Of course, I believe in balance, and finding what works best for you. So, there is no one absolute best, but there are so many different awesome options. I’d like to share one of them with you.

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